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Sock Shop
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SockShop started in 1983 - the brainchild of Sophie Mirman and Richard P. Ross.
From an idea first labelled “silly”, ours is one of the greatest success stories in British retail.
Part of the Ruia Group since 2006, we’ve become an online giant supplying over 240 countries across the world with our ever-growing product range.

Fashion’s front-runners
"People should be able to buy socks and stockings as easily as they buy newspapers".
This was Sophie’s view, and one which led her to create the very first Sockshop, at London’s Knightsbridge tube station.
Four years later, there were 52 stores in the SockShop chain and we’d become one of the fastest-growing speciality retailers in Europe.Soon we were setting up shop around the world; our novelty design, bold colours and dramatic patterns making us a household name, from Paris to New York.

Modernising for success
We strive to be the first to bring new ideas to the market.
Having dealt with the changing demands of time and fashion, Sockshop has reached the point where we stand now - the forefront of online retail.

From socks and tights to hats, gloves, scarves and underwear - we continue to offer better prices and a quality, trusted experience.