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Ladies 1 Pair Thought Solid Doris Plain Bamboo Socks
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Ladies 1 Pair Thought Solid Doris Plain Bamboo Socks

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Soft, silky, smooth and with all the natural virtues that bamboo rich socks bring, these ladies Thought Solid Doris Plain Bamboo Socks are excellent all-rounders, with just a subtle bit of decoration to the soles, making them ideal for any wear, anywhere, any time. Bamboo’s natural ability to regulate warmth keeps you at a constant, comfortable temperature, while also being highly efficient at absorbing moisture, with natural antibacterial and odour-resisting properties. Thought’s ethical manufacturing processes also use recycled, reused polyester to add strength to the socks. Quality manufacturing includes proper hand linked toes for smooth seams to care for delicate skin and guard against rubbing.
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