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Ladies 1 Pair Trasparenze Ambra Micro Fishnet Tights
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Ladies 1 Pair Trasparenze Ambra Micro Fishnet Tights

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Fishnets, and their little sisters, micronets, are pretty much always in vogue, but to amp up the desirability and versatility, Trasparenze has introduced this medium net in an array of shades of colours. Trasparenze Ambra Micro Fishnet Tights’ mesh, neither too big or too small, is just right to deliver leg-enhancing colour, tempered by a flash of skin. The result is a fashionable, chic look that can be tailored to complement, and contrast with outfits. Trasparenze Ambra Micro Fishnet Tights are mesh waist to toe, with a slim comfort waistband and seamed toes. The tights have been manufactured with a hygienic sewn-in cotton gusset.
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