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Ladies 2 Pair Burlington Everyday Invisible Cotton Shoe Liners
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Ladies 2 Pair Burlington Everyday Invisible Cotton Shoe Liners

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Providing comfort for all your skimpiest shoes, made in light, soft combed cotton , but Burlington Everyday Invisible Cotton Socks protect without giving the game away due to their ultra-low design and fine weave. These socklets can stay securely but comfortably in place all day long, without slipping underfoot, thanks to an elasticated weave band surrounding the mid-foot, and the application of soft, grippy silicone Burlington argyle ‘diamonds’ on the inner heel.Burlington Everyday Invisible Cotton Socks are perfect for all low-cut shoes, made from a smooth cotton rich yarn. The tops are un-hemmed for a less bulky feel, with just the back of the heel turned for a double thickness pad, with hand linked toes for smooth seams that are almost an essential in this kind of liner sock.
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