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Ladies 3 Pair Gentle Grip Colourburst Socks Colour Pop 4-8 Ladies
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Ladies 3 Pair Gentle Grip Colourburst Socks Colour Pop 4-8 Ladies

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Bright, colourful, comfortable — it’s what you want from all your socks, but if you need to wear wider fitting, non constricting socks, your choice can be quite limited. Set your socks free with these Colourburst ladies’ Gentle Grip Socks! In triple packs, these cheerful, colourful cotton rich socks have a mix of exciting patterns and shades to let you bring a little lively style to your legs. They soft touch cotton blend is light and breathable, giving your feet and ankles that fresh, dry feel. The non-binding, honeycomb weave tops of these Gentle Grip Colourburst Socks hold by moulding comfortably to the natural contours of your legs, so they stay up securely but without any unnecessary pressure or restriction as you go about your day. They don’t leave pressure points or construction rings to mark or hurt your skin, and are helpful for anyone with poor circulation. They’re durable too, with heels and toes that have added strengthening for extra durability.
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