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Ladies 3 Pair SOCKSHOP Lazy Panda Christmas Bamboo Socks Navy Candy 4-8 Ladies
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Ladies 3 Pair SOCKSHOP Lazy Panda Christmas Bamboo Socks Navy Candy 4-8 Ladies

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Super-sweet for Christmas chic, give someone a la-la, la-la-la lovely ladies’ Xmas gift with these, our SOCKSHOP Lazy Panda Christmas Bamboo Socks! This triple pack of soft and silky-smooth touch socks includes two pairs with cute mistletoe, and holly and heart, designs, plus a useful pair with a striped pattern in the same colours as the festive styles. The socks are knitted in a fine gauge for a light, breathable and easy everyday feel. These are Christmas-themed women’s novelty socks that will be comfortable and wearable all season through, so give them as an early Christmas gift to get the most from them. Lazy Panda socks are woven from a quality, bamboo rich blend of fibres that are good for your feet. Natural bamboo fibres are hypoallergenic, smooth and round, so socks knitted from them are gentle to all skin types; you won’t get irritated toes as red as holly berries with these socks! Bamboo is a bacteria-resisting plant, so it can help keep feet fresh. It is better at absorbing moisture, and is quicker-drying than cotton fibres, letting skin remain dry throughout the day. The clever bamboo fibres react to heat by expanding and contracting, and that means these smart socks can maintain a constant, cosy warmth for feet without getting too hot or cool.
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