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Mens 1 Pair Burlington Brain Striped Invisble Cotton Socks
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Mens 1 Pair Burlington Brain Striped Invisble Cotton Socks

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Electrifying colours and wildly patterned, these otherwise-highly noticeable men’s extra low cut socks are designed to stay concealed, even when you are wearing the sparest of toplines to your shoes. Burlington Brain Striped Invisible Cotton Socks will hide comfortably within loafers, espadrilles or pumps for that fashionable sock-less look. The dynamic looks mean that, even should you kick your shoes off, you’ll still have plenty of impact in these bright, cotton rich invisible socks with alternating stripes and ‘squiggle’ patterns. On a more practical level, anti-slip dots nestle in the heels to keep the socks in place on the foot, and the closing seam is drawn back to the top of the foot, and away from the toes for blister-free wear.
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