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Mens 1 Pair Falke Cool 24/7 Cotton Invisible Socks
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Mens 1 Pair Falke Cool 24/7 Cotton Invisible Socks

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Like some fabric-y David Blaine, men’s ultra low fitting Falke Cool 24/7 Cotton Invisible Socks just appear to vanish from view when you’re wearing shoes, giving you the no-socks look while also having an all-day refreshing, cooling function. This cool feel is down to the special blend of ‘gassed’ cotton rich yarn and polyamide functional yarn, that are together able to transport moist heat out and away rapidly. The gassing process makes already smooth mercerised cotton even sleeker, for a matt appearance and silky feel. Falke Cool 24/7 Cotton Invisible Socks, available in dark and light shades to coordinate with your wardrobe, are reinforced at the usual stress zones for longer life, and include a woven-in mid foot band and diamond pattern silicone anti-slip system in the heel for comfortable wear without them twisting out of position on the foot through the day.
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