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Mens 1 Pair SockShop Bamboo Cool Pineapple Socks
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Mens 1 Pair SockShop Bamboo Cool Pineapple Socks

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Exotic, rather fruity and fun when combined with cocktails - if that describes your man, then maybe he deserves a pair of our SockShop Bamboo Cool Pineapple Socks! These fresh, zingy whole leg Dare to Wear designs are bright and sharp, fully woven from a healthy bamboo fibre blend. The pineapple tops, woven here in an electric blue, cover the whole leg, delivering an interesting, even stylish look worn with shoes and trousers, while the sunglasses-wearing fruit reclines on top of the foot. His feet will no doubt enjoy the soft, comfortable bamboo fibre too, with natural antibacterial and non-irritating properties, gentle to all skin types.
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