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Mens 1 Pair Workforce Wellington Boot Socks Green 6-11 Mens
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Mens 1 Pair Workforce Wellington Boot Socks Green 6-11 Mens

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Wellies are great; waterproof, sturdy, unfussy… but not exactly warm or comfortable for all-day wear. Our Workforce Wellington Boot Socks are designed to make your wellie-wearing an altogether more pleasurable experience, extra-long and cushioned with a cosy, deep terry loop pile from toe to calf. In fact, one of our customers says her husband is “absolutely smitten with them and wants to wear them all the time!” The mix of wool and acrylic fibres means Workforce Wellington Boot Socks are hardwearing, yet soft, finished with a flatter toe seam and an elasticated, ribbed comfort top, constructed for hold without tightness. Great for work, outdoor activities like fishing and gardening or to be your feet’s new best friends for festivals! “I love the green colour and classic comfort rib on these socks. They are perfect inside my Wellington Boots, making sure that my feet get that extra bit of support.”Tommy Walsh, celebrity builder and Workforce ambassador
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