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Mens 3 Pair SOCKSHOP Lazy Panda Christmas Bamboo Socks Penguin/Hats/Sprouts 7-11 Mens
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Mens 3 Pair SOCKSHOP Lazy Panda Christmas Bamboo Socks Penguin/Hats/Sprouts 7-11 Mens

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Here’s a great festive gift idea to put some extra fun into his Christmas stocking! Our SOCKSHOP Lazy Panda Christmas Bamboo Socks are a triple pack of mixed design, Christmas-themed everyday men’s socks in three different patterns sure to put a smile on his face throughout this holiday season, whatever it throws at us! The styles include Santa hats on a black leg, a group of wandering penguins wearing that Santa hat on a grey background and a pair of socks with cartoon sprouts dressed in Christmas cracker crowns – and why not! These Christmas novelty socks for men might be festive fun, but trust us when we say we take the quality of our socks seriously! These men’s Lazy Panda Christmas socks are knitted from our best bamboo rich blend, making them soft and smooth to wear, with fibres that are non-irritating and kind to every type of skin, even sensitive ones. And, with the plant’s natural antibacterial properties, they can help to keep feet fresher, resisting odour-causing bacteria formation. Bamboo is superb at absorbing moisture, and because it’s a very breathable fibre, then able to wick it away quickly for dry, comfortable feet. Socks made from bamboo can keep feet at a steady, comfortable temperature, whatever the season. The fibres know how to expand or contract with heat, which instantly adjusts the warmth inside the socks, and that’s just what you need for a great British winter!
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