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SockShop 3 Pair Game of Thrones Logo Cotton Socks
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SockShop 3 Pair Game of Thrones Logo Cotton Socks

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So it seems that fans of Game of Thrones are going to have to be very patient for the final series to come along - what's a GoT obsessive to do in the meantime? Well, whether you're rewatching series’ 1-7, re-reading the novels or preparing for a sneak white walker onslaught, do it in style with our Game of Thrones Logo Cotton Socks collection. This triple pack of socks has three different designs for fans to wear, all made in a soft, quality cotton rich fibre blend. While we can't guarantee that they'd protect you like a suit of Valyrian Steel armour, they will keep you cosy during the long wait. When will series eight finally arrive? Sorry, we know nothing (Jon Snow.)
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